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Understanding Brain Tumors

November 12, 2022
Jane Smith

What is a Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor consists of abnormal tissue growth in the brain or spine that may disrupt the brain’s function capabilities. Physicians detect brain tumors through a brain scan and determine the severity based on the tumor cell’s location and whether it is cancerous or not.

Though it may be a scary time in your life, the team of healthcare professionals at Long Island Brain & Spine is here to help answer frequently asked questions regarding brain tumors.

What Types of Brain Tumors Are There?

Brain tumor groups are based on the location of the tumor and the type of cell. There are four types of brain tumors: benign, malignant, primary, and metastatic.

Benign brain tumors are the least aggressive because they do not involve cancer cells, grow slowly, and are least likely to spread.

Malignant brain tumors do contain cancer cells and may proliferate into other tissues. They also grow at a rapid pace.

Primary brain tumors begin growing in the brain cells and may spread to other parts of the brain or spine; however, it does not spread to other organs.

Metastatic brain tumors start in another organ and spread to the brain. A biopsy is typically used to determine the type of brain tumor.

What Are the Symptoms of a Brain Tumor?

Based on the type of brain tumor, symptoms may vary. Some symptoms people may have are repetitive headaches, vision struggles, seizures, personality changes, short-term memory loss, bad coordination, or problems with speaking or comprehending. These symptoms may not be prevalent for everyone. The most efficient method to determine the diagnosis is through a brain scan. If you or someone you know has presented any of these symptoms, please recommend seeing a physician.

Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan Today!

If you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, we are here to get you through these challenging circumstances. At Long Island Brain & Spine, NY, we specialize in providing excellent neurosurgery and interventional pain management for our patients. Our experienced team provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment options tailored to your individual needs.

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