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How to Decide Which Doctor to See for Lower Back Pain

December 21, 2023

Do you feel that lower back pain is preventing you from living the life you want to live? Well, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that low back pain is the leading cause of disability. But many people live with this pain for months or years, unsure of which doctor to see for lower back pain.

Lower back pain is surprisingly complex. That’s why we recommend seeing a specialist who fully understands the spine, the back, the brain, and the nervous system, who can act as an orchestra conductor, offering you treatment and sending you to different medical professionals as needed. So, while this may not be the answer you expected, a neurosurgeon is the best doctor to see for lower back pain. Let us explain why.

Keep in mind that while this article is based on our educated and researched opinion, it isn’t a substitute for medical advice. Visit our home page to request an appointment and talk to a doctor.

Why a Neurosurgeon May be the Best Doctor to See for Lower Back Pain

It may sound strange to see a neurosurgeon for lower back pain. Many of us assume that neurosurgeons only perform brain surgery. But in reality, many of the potential causes of lower back pain are related to the brain and spine, the focus areas of a neurosurgeon. In most cases, surgery is only performed after all conservative solutions have been exhausted.

Neurosurgeons Can Look at Other Symptoms

A neurosurgeon can ask you about related symptoms and let you know if you are experiencing something that can be solved by stretches and exercises or a potentially more serious issue.

For example, if you have symptoms like tingling, numbness, or nerve pain, that could be a sign of sciatica, and the longer you live with those symptoms, the worse they might get. If those symptoms sound familiar, don’t wait; see a neurosurgeon as soon as possible. Serious and strange symptoms like weight loss, fever, or bowel and bladder problems should also be noted and brought to your doctor’s attention ASAP.

On the other side of the spectrum, a neurosurgeon may notice that you only experience lower back pain after using a specific muscle group, in which case they may refer you to a healthcare specialist who may be able to help.

A neurosurgeon knows the questions to ask and the signs you look for to put your lower back pain in context and point you in the right direction to start feeling better.

Neurosurgeons Treat Most of the Potential Causes of Lower Back Pain

Another major advantage to seeing a neurosurgeon first is that they can usually treat most of the components of LOWER BACK PAIN.

Many of the causes of lower back pain are somehow related to your brain, spine, and nervous system. A neurosurgeon is an expert in these areas and brings years of experience to notice patterns in your pain.

At Long Island Brain & Spine, we’ve seen it all: bone spurs, fractures, arthritis, and more. We can go through all the potential causes of lower back pain, rule them out individually, and help you get on track to healing.

Neurosurgeons Have Access to Tools and Resources

A neurosurgeon can access state-of-the-art technology to give you a clear image of your back and what might be causing the pain. They can use tools such as MRIs, CT scans, and PET scans to see your bones and check on your muscles, nerves, and joints.

A Neurosurgeon Can Refer You to Other Medical Professionals

After using their diagnostic tools and speaking with you about your needs, a neurosurgeon may decide that another professional can help you with your pain. They might send you to one practice, take note of any changes, and respond appropriately.

Ultimately, a neurosurgeon can be your highly skilled and knowledgeable director. They can offer you treatment in-house or send you to the right place. Either way, they will make those decisions based on a wide breadth of wisdom and expertise.

Why Choose a Neurosurgeon for Lower Back Pain?

It might sound like a leap to seek out the advice of a neurosurgeon for lower back pain – after all, neurosurgeons are highly specialized physicians. But a neurosurgeon is one of the few providers who can look directly at your back and spine using MRI imaging and other diagnostic tools to see exactly what’s happening.

Instead of only relying on symptoms to understand your pain, neurosurgeons have the skills and tools to go right to the source and diagnose it. Plus, neurosurgeons have a deeper knowledge of the back and all its parts, which gives them the special skills to get to the source of your pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment at Long Island Brain and Spine

As you decide which doctor to see for lower back pain, don’t overlook the value of visiting professionals dedicated to treating the back and spine. At Long Island Brain and Spine, we provide high-quality, specialized care that is unique to your needs.

No one should accept pain as part of life!

Many people with similar predicaments have come to Long Island & Spine and found their issues resolved. Here are some reviews from real patients at our practice: Dr. Salvatore J. Palumbo, FAANS, FACS from Long Island Brain & Spine, has decades of experience helping people suffering from back pain. Read on to see testimonials from his patients at our practice.

Rob F.

After visits to several surgeons and no luck with them, I took a chance with Dr. Palumbo, and I wasn't disappointed.
He was very Professional and a pleasure to interact with.
He was the 4th doctor I tried, and well worth it. My back has never felt better. He was very positive about his prognosis and made me feel the same.

Jackie Q

This is the only doctor you need if you have any problems with your back.
He is the only doctor with his physician assistant, Christine, who will help you understand your needs and actually listen to you.
I am so thankful for these two doctors. They helped me when no one else would thank you so much; you both are the best.

Frank B

It was such a pleasant experience with Dr. Palumbo and the staff. Lisa (surgical team rep) was so caring and professional. Dr. Palumbo was spot on when he diagnosed my condition after being misdiagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon.
I felt like a new person post-surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Palumbo and the staff.

Finding the right doctor, someone who really cares, truly feels like a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air. If you have lower back pain and are left with unanswered questions, then Long Island Brain & Spine could finally offer the answers you want.

Providers like Dr. Palumbo help us get to know patients and offer solutions that truly work. If you’re looking for the best back pain doctor Long Island Brain and Spine has to offer, contact us here at Long Island Brain and Spine or request an appointment today.

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