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How Our Long Island Spine Specialists Can Help You

February 12, 2024

Back pain is a common part of life. But when back pain goes from fleeting to chronic and disruptive, it quickly becomes a larger issue. If you or a loved one live with back and neck pain, it may be time to ask for help. A spine specialist can help you understand where your pain comes from and what you can do to treat it.

As you look for the best solutions for your back and neck pain, remember that you can always trust Long Island Brain & Spine for care that counts. Our team of Long Island spine specialists has decades of expertise working with back and neck conditions of all kinds. Contact us today to learn more, or request an appointment to start your journey.

What Is a Spine Specialist?

The term “spine specialist” can refer to many healthcare providers, each focusing on treating conditions related to the spine in some way. When discussing “spine specialists,” we often refer physicians who treat neck and back pain. Still, there are many kinds of potential spine specialists to consider, including pain specialists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, and more.

Different health concerns and their causes can require different spine specialists. But no matter what, you can rely on Long Island Brain & Spine for compassionate and unrivaled care. Our Long Island spine specialists work with people just like you to help you, not your pain, to take charge of life once more.

What Does a Spine Specialist Do?

What spine specialists do depends on the type of specialist in question. However, most spine specialists can provide more treatment for their patients.

Treat Neck Pain

A spine specialist in Long Island Brain and Spine can determine why you’re experiencing neck pain and pinpoint if the back and spine play a role in your symptoms. From there, they may recommend treatment options or shift their attention to those other areas of need.

Treat Back Pain

A qualified neurosurgeon spine specialist should be able to treat different kinds of back pain by identifying their sources. The cause of back pain can be notoriously difficult to locate, but a specialist has advanced knowledge and experience to help them demystify even stubborn cases of pain.

Address Spine Conditions

Many people seek a spine specialist to treat chronic conditions like scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, and more. Treating spinal injuries and conditions before they get worse and cause severe pain is an important part of a specialist’s job.

Perform Neurosurgery

When pain persists despite all other treatment options, some spine specialists – more specifically, neurosurgeons – may perform surgery for disorders and diseases of the brain, spine, and nerves.

When to See a Long Island Spine Specialist

Occasional neck and back pain that doesn’t stick around usually isn’t cause for concern. However, there are some key signs it’s time to see a spine specialist that you shouldn’t ignore. In general, if your pain doesn’t improve after a week of at-home treatment, it’s probably time to see your doctor. Also, pay attention to the pain that:

  • Is constant or intense, especially at night or when you’re lying down
  • Causes numbness, weakness, or tingling in the arms or legs
  • Spreads down one or more arms or legs
  • Accompanies unintended weight loss, swelling, or redness

Seek immediate medical care for back pain that causes new bowel or bladder control problems, a fever, or that occurs after a trauma like a car accident or fall.

No one deserves to live with pain. Even if you’ve never sought treatment for back and neck pain, it’s worth visiting a professional who can provide the individualized and effective care you need. Our team of Long Island spine specialists goes above and beyond to deliver support that improves lives.

What to Expect at a Spine Specialist Appointment

When you’re ready to visit a spine specialist, you can expect the same general process you might experience with any other medical professional. You’ll contact and meet your doctor, establish your needs, and find a treatment that makes sense.

1. Establishing Your Medical History

Your first appointment will likely begin with some questions. Your spine care team will work to get to know your medical history, including past treatments, injuries, conditions, and anything else that may relate to your pain. This is also a good chance to review your family history with your provider and discuss any concerns you’d like to prioritize during treatment.

2. Undergoing a Physical Exam

With your medical needs established, your provider may ask to conduct a physical exam. This may be a general physical exam or focus on the areas in which you’re experiencing pain. Your provider will gather the information they need to determine where you’re at now and how to get you where you’d like to be.

3. Creating an Initial Treatment Plan

Your spine specialist will outline your initial treatment plan based on their findings and your medical [3] history. They may order additional tests for diagnostic purposes, refer you to other specialists, or recommend the next steps you can take to manage your symptoms.

4. Asking Questions

Your appointment is for you, above all else. Take the time to ask any questions, whether big or small. Your spine care provider is a resource you can count on for information and support. Ensure you leave your spine specialist’s office confident about your treatment options.

Long Island Spine Specialists at Long Island Brain & Spine

When choosing a spine specialist, you need a team you know you can trust. At Long Island Brain & Spine, we’ve got your back – literally. Our multidisciplinary spine center and brain care practice is home to the best Long Island spine specialists. Our board-certified neurosurgeons and interventional pain management physicians work together to provide an exceptional care experience for each patient.

No one should accept pain as part of life!

Our spine specialists understand how challenging it can be to live with undiagnosed pain. We believe that no one should be held back by their symptoms. We also believe in the value of stellar service and commitment to our patients’ lives beyond our practice.

Here’s what one Long Island Brain & Spine patient had to say about how our team touched her family’s lives:

“I would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to the entire practice. Unfortunately, my dad incurred two falls in 2023 that brought us to Long Island Brain and Spine; one for a brain bleed (2/23), the other for a fractured spine (7/23).

The treatment my dad received throughout the year was exemplary!

I believe we met or consulted with most of the doctors in practice, and each and every one treated my father with dignity, respect, and genuine concern for his life. The decisions that were made for both injuries took into consideration his other medical conditions, were explicitly explained to our family, and ultimately saved my father’s life. We always felt he was “ in good hands” with all the doctors.

In addition to the brilliant doctors, I can’t say enough about the staff. Calls were promptly returned, scheduling was seamless, visits were timely, and EVERYONE in the office was kind, professional, friendly, respectful, and comforting.

I would highly recommend Long Island Brain and Spine.

We are truly grateful, thank you.”

If you’re living with neck and back pain, request an appointment with our Long Island spine specialists today. We’re here to help you get back to living the life you deserve.

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