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Sciatica Treatment & Pain Management

March 18, 2023
Jane Smith

Welcome to Long Island Brain and Spine's Sciatica Pain Management page. If you are experiencing chronic nerve pain or acute back pain in your lower back (lumbar), legs, or feet, our experienced doctors can help you relieve your discomfort. We offer advanced technology and a range of treatment options to help you overcome your pain and improve your quality of life. 

Sciatica symptoms

Sciatica is a common condition that can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Pain in the lower back, legs, or feet
  • Numbness and tingling in the legs and feet
  • Shooting pain in the buttocks or legs
  • Weakness in the legs or feet
  • Difficulty standing up or walking
  • Pain that worsens with prolonged sitting or standing
  • Muscle spasms in the lower back or legs

Causes of sciatica

Sciatica occurs when there is pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down through the hips, buttocks, and legs. Some of the most common causes of sciatica include:

  • A bulging or herniated disk in the spine that presses on the sciatic nerve
  • Spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on the nerves
  • Degenerative disk disease, which is a condition that causes the disks in the spine to break down over time
  • Piriformis syndrome, which is a condition where the piriformis muscle in the buttocks compresses the sciatic nerve
  • Trauma or injury to the lower back

Sciatica treatment options

Our nationally recognized staff order state-of-the-art imaging technology, such as low-radiation X-rays, and MRI to help diagnose and treat sciatica more accurately. We can then develop a personalized treatment plan that works for you, which may include a range of treatment options such as:

  • Physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility
  • Medication management, including over-the-counter pain relievers such as NSAIDs, ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Minimally invasive procedures like steroid injections and nerve blocks to relieve pain
  • Surgery, such as a discectomy or laminectomy, for severe cases
  • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture or care from a Chiropractor
  • Self-care measures such as cold packs and heat therapy, bed rest, and stretching exercises

Personalized Treatment Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Our specialists will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan to suit your unique needs and goals.

At Long Island Brain and Spine, our team of caring, experienced doctors understands the physical and emotional toll pain can take on you. We take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a personalized healthcare plan tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists are trained to diagnose and treat various pain conditions, including sciatica, herniated disks, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, fractured vertebrae, and more.

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